WordPress Website Design & Development

The Steps To A Successful Website Build

The steps in the processes are: 

• Project Setup and Briefing Phase 

• Website Design Phase 

• This phase includes 3 alteration opportunities to perfect the design 

• Website Development Phase 

• This phase includes 3 alteration opportunities to perfect the website

• Website Promotion and Go Live Phase 

• This step includes our 18 point quality check in the live environment

What We Need From You:

The Brief, Collateral, Content and Logins To successfully complete any project with a minimum of delays, we ask that you provide the requirements we need for the entire project, as soon as you can.

Often things like content and logins are the things that hold up a project.

 The items that are most critical are: 

Our Brief:

Once we send you the brief, we ask that you fill it out in a timely fashion, completely. The more information you give in the brief, the smoother the design phase of the project will run. We will not start design work without a complete brief. 

Logins for Hosting: 

Please supply the logins for the server that will host the website earlier rather than later. This gives us the opportunity to test the server for size, speed and configuration before we start loading the live website. If we have the opportunity to check this at the start of a project, it gives you weeks to resolve potential issues in advance, rather than finding issues at the end of the project causing delays in delivery. 


 Logos, images and any other collateral for the website delivered early, will ensure a smooth design and development process. 


This is often the biggest hold up for a website project. Preparing content is a time consuming task. It should be worked on from the start of the project so it is ready for implementation as soon as the Development Phase begins. Typically you have 2 weeks to collate all content prior to us requiring it. Within our processes we have included standard communications at the critical points where non delivery of these items by you will result in an extension of the delivery date of the project. 

Please try and ensure timely delivery of all requirements, but respect that in cases where there is a holdup at your end, to ensure the quality of our process and deliverable's, we will need additional time to complete the website.