Google Ads Optimisation & Landing Page Build

Google Ads & Landing Page Build - What We Do

Landing Page Build: 

We will discuss your vision for the Google Ads campaign and we will build the landing page around the end goal. 

If you have a logo or any photos, we will add them to the landing page. 

If photo quality is poor we may opt to not use the images.

Photos can be supplied if you don't have any. 

The purpose of the landing page is to keep it simple & effective, this will increase conversions.

Landing Page Will Include:

- Menu 

- Services

- Online enquiry form

- 2 Promotional sections 

- About us section

- Google maps 

Google Ads:

The Google Ads will be built entirely on the discussion we have prior to getting started. 

Some campaigns focus on specific services, while others will focus on targeting specific locations.

There is no one size fits all with Google Ads. 

We can try multiple strategy's to uncover what will bring in the highest revenue.

Google Ads can be turned on and off depending on your work capacity.