4 Step "WALK" Process

STEP 1 (W). Website Build.

We will design your website from start to finish. You can have as much or as little input as you like.

It will be designed in a way that attract people to pick up the phone and give you a call.

Less is more when converting traffic from a website. 

 We will keep it simple and make it easy for a potential client to find what they are looking for.

STEP 2 (A). Attention To Website

The second step is when we bring attention to the website. 

Everything is set-up in your name so you have full control and do not have to outsource a third party, all while adding a ton of value to your business.

We will optimise your business on 

Google Ads

Google My Business

Google Maps

Basic SEO

Business Email (You@yourbusiness.com)

STEP 3 (L). Learn The Platforms

In the third step, once everything is running like clockwork, we will guide you through each of the platforms and show you how they work.

This step is to show you how to maintain a high quality presence online. 

We break things down in the simplest way for you to understand.

If you ever need any help we are there to assist. 

Because of the way we will structure your campaigns, you will not need to work on it very often, maybe 5-10 minutes every couple of days.

STEP 4 (K). Key Questions

Step 4 is the time to ask as many questions as you like. 

By giving you the chance to ask questions we can cover off on anything you are unsure about. 

Each business is different which means each business owner will have different questions.

We make sure to leave no stone un-turned so that your business will continue to grow, with you behind the wheel.

Again, don't panic. We are always there if you need us after step 4 ends.